What to Know Before You Store

There are times when it’s necessary to keep some of your belongings in a storage facility. It could be because you’re moving and are unable to take everything with you or because you need space in your home and need to put furniture or holiday decorations in another location. You can also use a storage unit when you’re remodeling your home so that your furniture and other belongings don’t get paint on them or receive other damage from the work that is being performed in your home. When you put items in a storage unit, there are a few things that you should do and a few that you should try to avoid doing in order to keep your belongings secure and free of damage while they are in the unit

The Right Size 

When you begin looking for a storage unit, you need to find one that is the right size for all of the belongings that you have. Most storage facilities westminster co offers have units that are of different sizes. You can look at the inside of the units that are available to determine if it would be large enough for what you have, but keep in mind that larger units are more expensive with the monthly rates increasing as each unit gets larger.

Before putting anything in your storage unit, make a list of everything in case the unit is broken into or in case there is any kind of damage to the unit itself. You never know when there could be a leak inside the unit or damage from a storm in the area. This list can also be used so that you remember what’s in the unit and what you still have at home for when you start searching for your belongings.

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Packing and Storing

When you pack your belongings, label the boxes so that you know what’s inside. Use bright tape on the outside of the boxes so that you can clearly read the details of what’s inside each one. You could also use boxes that are different colors with a list of what is associated with each color.

Avoid storing anything in the unit that is valuable. Although this might be necessary if you just don’t have space in your home, you should try not to keep valuable jewelry, dishes, artwork, or family heirlooms in the unit in case it is broken into or damaged. Keep numbers associated with your valuables with you so that you can give a copy to your insurance copy if needed. Cover your items with plastic and put plastic on the floor before you store anything so that they are protected. Moving pads work well if you don’t have access to large pieces of plastic. Pads also make it easier to move everything out of your unit when you’re ready to put everything back in your home. If the facility offers insurance, consider purchasing at least a minimal amount so that your items can be replaced if necessary.