The Various Types of HVAC Units That You Should Know About

You might not have noticed the HVAC units in your home or your office. They are responsible for the heating, cooling, ventilation and the air conditioning of your indoors. There are many different kinds of HVAC that are available, and it can be useful to know about the different types. In this article, the various types of HVAC systems are discussed so you choose which one you want for your home and office after knowing the pros and cons of each type.

Heating and cooling split system

These are the most common type of HVAC systems. As the name implies this HVAC unit has both a heating and a cooling system. They have a cooling system that takes hot air out of your home and they contain both indoor and outdoor units making them easily recognizable. HVAC can be very useful in the summer keeping the room cool. There is also a heater in the HVAC unit making it very useful in the winter. The HVAC heating and cooling split use gas to heat the room. There is a fan to disperse the heat in the room around the room. This system is often used as it very useful to people both in winter and summer.

Hybrid split system

Much like the heating and cooling split, the hybrid system also offers both heating and cooling system. There is key difference as gets power from both gas and electricity. It can reduce your electric bills significantly and give the owner more choices. It is becoming quickly popular for the choices it offers to the users. The ability to switch is really a fundamental quality that separates a hybrid split system from the rest of the types of HVAC systems.

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Packaged heating and air

This is also a very popular type of HVAC unit. The compact size makes it unique and very useful to the users. It contains both a heating and a cooling system. Its compact size makes it easily possible to install it in various small spaces and corners of the house. It is very efficient and can be maintained easily by the users. If you need servicing of the HVAC unit there are various HVAC contractors available. You would need to search for them using the right phrase online. For example, you can start an online search for any air conditioning services tinley park il near you to get the details of a lot of HVAC contractors that can provide you with a proper service.

Duct free

Duct free is a particular type of HVAC system that has huge upfront cost but can be useful and low maintenance in the future. This type of HVAC is used commonly in the industries. They are installed as independent unit in each room so the users can get more control in the individual rooms. Energy is saved a lot when you are using this HVAC unit reducing your electric bills.