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Celebrities You Didnt Know Suffered From Lyme Disease

Most people who have experienced CFS have come out as having felt so much exhaustion. Contrary to common belief ,this isnt the only diseases that would cause exhaustion. The other one is known as Lyme disease. When an infected tick bites a person then he or she would suffer from this disease. It is quite hard knowing that you have Lyme disease that is why it goes unnoticed for a long time. Due to the fact that the symptoms tend to be similar to other ailments it tends to go for many years without the person knowing what might be ailing him or her. People in showbiz have become vocal on how this disease comes about and how to prevent it. We are going to outline some celebrities who are suffering from the ailment. One of the celebrities suffering from this disease is Bella Hadid.

If you look at hr you might not think she would be suffering from the ailment. This disease comes with a myriad of symptoms such as fatigue and pain. This disease has made her be in bed for most of the time. She value riding horses a lot and has termed it as one o her hobbies. She has also created awareness on how she is overcoming it. Another celebrity you might not know she has the disease is Shania Twain. She has lived with the disease for long.

The is disease tends to be gotten from being bitten by a tick which happened to her a while back. She experienced symptoms such as mild dizziness to fatigue. This would go on to affect her vocal cords which would impede her singing by some great length. After some extent of treatment she could sing. She said that on the back drop of this she had to go to various therapy in order to ensure that she could get back her voice. Having done this though didnt satisfy her totally since in some instances she still cant be able to sing. You might also know a celebrity called Avril Lavigne. Avril Lavigne dint have vocal cords issues like Shania Twain but hers was so severe. Diagnosis was ate which would have made it severe after wards. At times t was so bad that she was bed ridden. In many aspects her music career went down. This made her undergo step on step treatment that is becoming instrumental in helping her recover.

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Kelly Osborne on the other hand new when she was bitten by an infected tick. She says she experiences fatigue, sleeplessness and pain. He is now teaching people on advantages of checking for ticks in order to recover.