The Art of Mastering Styles

Instant Wardrobe Change with Just One Outfit

Without a doubt, the first impression that you can give to other people will certainly define your whole personality. As old folks would say looks shouldn’t matter too much but in special cases, it is highly essential for you to be presentable especially if you are trying to impress somebody in the workplace, in an audition, in a job interview, your friends, or your loved ones. Let us not deny the fact that we are constantly judged by our appearances alone. As such, your personal style should reflect who you are as a person so that there would not be inconsistencies as you develop further relationships with others. The trick to doing this efficiently is to make your outfit as classy as possible. With the advent of the internet, it is now more easy for you to know about the different styles available, the dashing debonair down to the good boy-next-door image.

There are certain benefits if you always look good. There are reports and surveys saying that men who are keeping their image more presentable earns an average of $200,000. Aside from that, if you look boring or unkempt then it is less likely for you to snatch that most coveted promotion. This is also applied in the dating area. No matter how much we preach that beauty is not just skin deep, the harsh truth is the way you carry yourself through your wardrobe choices can make a great statement to those who see you may it be a good or bad impact. Suffice to say, the way we dress can impact our day-to-day living. Needless to say, men and women alike must make an effort to maintain a good and respectable image so that they can have self-confidence and self-worth. This site helps you in giving tips and tricks on how to dress to impress.

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The first thing you need to do is to invest on quality brand clothing. Quality over quantity is significant when it comes to changing your wardrobe. Rather than picking up a dozen cheap pieces, it is better to invest on three or four quality outfits that you can partner up with each other. One advantage of picking up branded outfits is that they are more long-lasting. Your wardrobe should cover both casual and business outfits. But take note that all of these should flatter your body build.

If the pieces that you have picked out are not flattering for you, then go the extra mile by opting to have it tailor-made. If your clothes are loose and hanging, then you may like a new college freshman who is so out of place in the corporate world.

If you want to take it up another notch, keep you accessories simple and sophisticated. The minimalist style is always the basic but classic way to go. The street bling may be a bit too much for the corporate world. If you wear a jewelry and a watch, don’t put them in the same hand.

On a final note, it is also stylish to wear great shoes and avoid the creases and wrinkles in your over-all attire.

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