Plan to Be Without a Kitchen During a Remodel

Kitchen remodels can range from dealing with minor details to completely changing everything about the kitchen, including the way it’s set up. Those who want to remodel their kitchen will want to carefully consider what they want to change and what they the kitchen to look like when it’s done. When they’re planning, they should make sure they consider how they’ll eat during the remodel.

Plan to Be Without a Kitchen for a While

Minor changes might mean the kitchen is only unavailable for a couple of days, so it might be possible to eat out or eat ready-to-eat meals for that time. Bigger remodels, however, can take up to a month or longer, so it’s better to plan ahead of time to be out of the kitchen for a while. It’s important to plan for the remodel to take longer than planned, even for a smaller remodel, just in case something goes wrong and it does take longer.

Create a Temporary Kitchen Elsewhere

For longer kitchen remodels, plan on creating a temporary kitchen to use for the duration. This can be in another room, like the dining room, but there should be space for at least a small refrigerator and a couple of appliances like the coffee maker. Use camping supplies, like a portable stove, outside to safely cook different meals. This way it’s possible to make healthy meals instead of eating out for every meal.

Keep the Essentials Out, Pack Everything Else

Just before the remodel is scheduled to begin, go ahead and start packing everything in the kitchen. Leave out a few dishes and silverware, essential small appliances like the coffee maker, and anything else that will be needed before the remodel is done. Pack everything else and label the boxes carefully so it’s easy to find anything needed during the remodel or put everything away afterward.

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If you’re ready to change your kitchen so it works better for you or looks a lot better, contact a professional who handles Kitchen Remodeling Atlanta to start thinking of what you want to do today. When you’re planning the remodel, however, don’t forget to plan a way to cook foods and eat meals during the remodel.