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A Guide to Certified Mail

When you have the services of a mail label they will print postage on your letters and flats and other packages that weigh more. They will deal with postage printing, printing of shipping addresses, return addresses and also certified mail forms. Certified mail services are crucial especially when it comes to handling legal documents. Certified mailing process has always taken a lot of time for those legal documents and sometimes that may not work out for you if you need your things sped up. On top of the time you had to make a visit to the post office and you had to do this with the hope that you will not have to deal with queues. In the modern day, things have certainly been made a little bit easier with technology being what it is. There is specific software that has made easy for one to send certified mail. With the is tech in place you will not be heading to the post office every time you need to send a letter and also no filling of forms .

Being conversant with the software and with a good internet connection you will proceed to select the mailing tab and select the form or the envelop you will be using for your mailing. Next you will be required to enter the mail to address and if you have a contact list there with you all you have to do is select it. The next part of the process involves entering the weight of the mail piece as the charges will apply on that aspect. With the weight indicated you will have to use the services of a postal service, you select the specific one you want and for certified mail they might offer different priority categories and you can select the one depending on what kind of documents you are dealing with.

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You can then proceed and check your electronic receipt it’s wise to keep it as it acts as proof. If you have not prepared a stamp before, you can print a sample to see if you are having the envelop in the right order before doing your final print. Being satisfied with the appearance of the stamp you can load the envelop on the printer and proceed to postage. Track the mail by checking online where the mail was sent. As protocol the mailing service will collect signatures form the recipients of the mail and keep them in records. Signing up for free accounts to help with your mailing service will be ideal for that person who uses the services more often. For those that are cold and fast to dismiss postal services, it’s time to think about that stand again as things have changed a lot with technology.

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