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It is very important to ensure that the engine of your car has a good engine control unit as this is one of the most basic parts that the whole engine needs for its smooth running. The whole engine of an auto machine relies on the engine control unit which is the major part of it.

It is important to understand that the whole performance of a vehicle as well as the process of fuel injection is highly influenced by the engine control module of the engine unit. Some of the most common parts of an engine control unit are the sensors and the microprocessors which it uses in gathering of data as well as evaluating the data respectively.

This helps to make sure that the fuel injection and other parts of the car work in the right manner. It is also important to understand that the engine control unit can be tuned so as to meet all the needs that the customer has regarding to the performance of the car. Engine control module however works in different ways. The following are some of the top ways through which the engine control module or unit improves the performance of your car systems as well as the fuel injection.

The first work of the engine control unit is controlling the mixture of the air fuel. The engine control modules therefore determine the amount of air fuel mixture that is being injected into the engine and thus resulting to its control. After the air fuel mixture has been injected into the engine, the sensors of the engine control module therefore gather the relevant data and the microprocessors compute or evaluate the data in real time and thus giving the appropriate results on the amount of air fuel mixture that is used. Engine control unit is also important as it determines the general injection duration of the air fuel mixture.

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The injection ration is generally controlled by the engine control unit through determining the right time for the air fuel mixture to be delivered into the engine in the right rations. The other great function of the engine control unit that also helps in promoting proper performance of the various systems of the car is controlling the ignition timing. By controlling the timing of the spark, the engine control module therefore helps to provide better power and economy. At times, some problems in the compression strokes lead to poor timing of the sparks or ignition and thus the importance of the engine control unit as it helps to detect these problems and works at the set ignition timing. The last function of the engine control unit is controlling on idle speed and variable valve timing.

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